George Clooney Opens Up On Batman & Robin
George Clooney Says Watching Batman & Robin Physically Hurts Him(Pic credit – Getty Images; Imdb )

If you want to see a Hollywood actor who never takes the diplomat route and is blunt, watch George Clooney in any of his interviews. If you are aware about it, you must also be knowing he has went on record disowning Batman & Robin time and again. Turns out the actor has decided to open up again on the same. This time around he has said that watching the film hurts him physically, while on that he also spoke about working with Sylvester Stallone. Read on to know what he has to say.

Batman & Robin hit theatres 23 years ago in 1997. The film that has had some mixed opinions about it amid the audience, starred Clooney as the iconic Batman. Now opening up about the film George says he is not in support of the film. The actor even expressed his dislike for the project openly.

All of this happened when George Clooney turned up to chat with Howard Stern on the SirusXM show. It was here he made some revelations. The Oscar-winning actor while talking about Batman & Robin also said that he had to share his $1 Million paycheques, while Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid $25 Million.

When further asked about production regrets George Clooney said, “I couldn’t have done that one differently. It’s a big machine, that thing. You have to remember at that point, I was just an actor getting an acting job. I wasn’t the guy who could greenlight a movie.”

While on that he also made it clear that him and Arnold Schwarzenegger did not work together. Though it looks like they did. “We never even saw each other,” Clooney said. “It’s a big, monster machine, and I just sort of jumped in and did what they said.”

Concluding the same, he said that almost everyone involved dislikes Batman & Robin. “The truth of the matter is, I was bad in it. Akiva Goldsman — who’s won the Oscar for writing since then — he wrote the screenplay. And it’s a terrible screenplay, he’ll tell you. I’m terrible in it, I’ll tell you. Joel Schumacher, who just passed away, directed it, and he’d say, ‘Yeah, it didn’t work.’ We all whiffed on that one,” George Clooney said.

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