Wonder Woman 1984 Is Releasing On Christmas Period But Pandemic Is A Big Issue
Wonder Woman 1984 Stars Gal Gadot In Lead & Is Releasing With High Expectations (Photo Credit – Instagram / Gal Gadot  )

The year 2020 has been very bad for the movie industry worldwide. After initial year releases, lockdown happened and no big film apart from Tenet could take the risk. Now as the year is close to its end, one more magnum opus is releasing and is carrying high hopes amid the trade. Yes, we are talking about Gal Gadot’s upcoming superhero film Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 has already released in the UK on December 16 and is all set to release in other countries including the US & India in the next week. While it will have a hybrid release in the US (both theatrical & OTT), other countries will give it a pure theatrical release. In fact, in India, the film is all set to have the widest release of the season.

Now the question is how much expectations should we keep from the Patty Jenkins directorial? If we just talk about the US, the pandemic situation has gotten multiple times worse. If Tenet couldn’t collect $60 million in the US, we can’t keep much hopes for the Gal Gadot starrer either. Also, there’s an option of OTT viewing so the audience will turn into viewers definitely.

If we talk about other major countries as well, most of them have been hit by a new wave of COVID-19. If countries like the UK, France, Germany and others were doing quite well back in August and September they have seen a huge surge in positive cases lately. So the situation here is tricky as well.

But if we just consider the huge festive period that Christmas is and also the fact that it’s a big-screen superhero film, we can expect the audience to visit the cinemas for a blast. Back in 2017, when the first part of Wonder Woman had released it did a business of $822.1 million worldwide as per Box Office Mojo. While that kind of business will be close to impossible for the film in this situation, it’s practical target will be Tenet’s business that is $361.4 million so far.

If Wonder Woman manages to do this, it will emerge 3rd highest worldwide grosser of 2020. After this, the real target for the film will be the lifetime business of The Eight Hundred. The Chinese War film did a worldwide business of $461.3 million and stands as the top worldwide grosser of the year so far. If Wonder Woman can surpass TEH, it will be a great result. Also, the reported budget of the film is $200 million. If the film surpasses the $460 million mark, it will be in a safe stage for all related.

What do you think will be the fate of Wonder Woman 1984 amid pandemic? Will it become the top-grossing worldwide film of 2020?

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