Gal Gadot Talks About Cutting The Top Of Her Finger
Gal Gadot Said It Was A Mess When She Cut The Top Of Her Finger & Husband Threw In The Garbage Disposal (Pic Credit : Instagram/jaronvarsano)

The pandemic that locked us all inside our homes made us find things to pass time within the space of our comfort. One of these places was the kitchen, and the majority of us took refuge in cooking. So did Gal Gadot. Yes, you read that right; Gal also entered her kitchen and was in all mood with her sangria. But who knew she would end up cutting a part of her finger. And worse, her husband would end up throwing in the garbage.

Didn’t expect that narrative to take such a drastic turn right? Well, that actually happened with Gal Gadot who ended up cutting her finger. In her recent chat, Gal spoke about the incident and how she has stopped drinking and cooking. Read on to know everything you should about the same and also, our Wonder Woman’s chronicles with the cabbage salad.



For the unversed, Gal Gadot has severed in the Israeli army, entered Hollywood with an action franchise Fast & Furious, became Wonder Woman for DC and ruled the action genre. Who would have thought that the biggest injury that would come her way was while making a cabbage salad? As per We Got This Covered, the actor spoke about it candidly.

Remembering how she was cutting the cabbage and cut the top of her finger. Gal Gadot said, “The early days of pandemic when you start drinking mimosas or sangria or whatever at 11 am, so I did that, and then I decided I’m gonna make a cabbage salad because that’s what one wants to do, so I started to chop the thing, and I chopped the top of my finger.”

Now what is more surprising was husband Yaron Varsano’s reaction. He was so disgusted after holding the top of her finger that he threw it in the garbage disposal. “Yaron [Varsano] went to the chopping board, and he held the finger, and he got so disgusted that he threw it into the garbage disposal. Then we were both like, ‘What are we doing?!’. It was a mess. We were a mess. Then I stopped cooking and stopped drinking,” Gal Gadot said.

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