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From Love Story To Willow – 5 Best Taylor Swift Songs That Will Instantly Lift Your Mood Up – Check Out ( Photo Credit – Still ; IMDb / Love Story)

I don’t know about y’all but I’ve literally grown up listening to Taylor Swift. From her struggling days to making it big on her own, the pop star has left no stones unturned when it comes to making her dreams come true. Today, we are going to list the 5 best Swiftie songs and although it’s really difficult to choose 5 – I’m gonna list down my favourites here.

It often feels like Taylor and I have grown up together. Ever since I was a little girl, I could somehow relate to her music.

The lyrics in Taylor Swift’s songs were so relatable that I almost felt like it’s not just me who’s feeling this way but also someone else, who is sailing in the same boat as me. Let’s take a look at the 5 best hits by the pop star.

Love Story –

Ever since I was a little kid, this was the first-ever romantic English song that I’ve heard. This is still one of the most successful Taylor Swift songs and she recently released her own version of her superhit album ‘Fearless’ which had the recreation of Love Story and I’ve been listening to it on loop.

Blank Space –

If there’s anyone who has literally lived up to Taylor’s expectations in this song, it has to be me. Although, I’ve lived up to her expectations in my washroom but does that count? Having a bad day, this song will instantly kick your mood and for the better.

Bad Blood –

We have all got bad blood for someone in life. And the way, Taylor Swift retaliated in this song was next level. From the lyrics to the stellar cast in the song, it is indeed one of the best songs the 31-year-old singer has ever made. Having a bad day at work? Tune into this song and work like a rager. Haha!

Look What You Made Me Do –

“I’m sorry, But the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now…Why? Oh, ’cause she’s dead.” These lyrics were SAVAGE level 101. This was from Taylor Swift’s album ‘Reputation’ and it’s one the best albums, the pop star has ever made. The beats in this song are peppy and you’ll get hooked to it instantly!

Willow –

I don’t know about you guys but off late, I’ve been obsessed with Willow. The song is so soothing that I can listen to it on loop. It’s from her latest album ‘Evermore’ that she released after ‘Folklore’ and all the songs that are in these albums have been made in the lockdown. Taylor Swift really is so talented!

List your favourite Taylor Swift song in the comments below.

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