Matthew Perry Not Happy With Ryan Reynolds Never Mentioning Him For Taking Inspiration From His Friends' Character
Matthew Perry Not Happy With Ryan Reynolds Never Mentioning Him For Taking Inspiration From His Friends’ Character (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Matthew Perry has made a fortune with his iconic and lovable role of Chandler Bing in the hit TV series Friends. The show ran from 1994 to 2004 and is considered one of the best American sitcoms out there. While Perry has raked-in an insane amount of money thanks to the never-dying popularity of Friends, the actor, according to sources, is bummed over the fact that Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds took inspiration from his beloved role and never admitted about it. Scroll down to know the scoop.

While Ryan Reynolds has made it big with movies like Deadpool, Red Notice and The Proposal among others, Matthew Perry’s movie career never took off despite appearing in movies like Serving Sara, 17 Again, and The Whole Nine Yards.

According to Radar Online, sources close to Matthew Perry have claimed that the actor is convinced that Ryan Reynolds mimicked his performance style for the show Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. According to Perry, as revealed by the insiders, Reynolds “stole his character and delivery, and it kills him that he’s never admitted it.” The insider claimed, “Matthew hasn’t resolved his feelings about this for the last 25 years.” In the late ‘90 show, Reynolds starred as Michael “Berg” Bergen for four seasons. The sources also alleged, “That series set the template for Ryan’s whole voice as a performer and eventually as a writer and producer.”

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The insider further shared, “It bugs Matthew so much that Ryan never even gave him a single mention. That’s all it would have taken. Now, does Matthew think he should have had Ryan‘s career? No, he’s pretty honest about how his own drug use messed up his life and nearly killed him.”

If reports are to be believed, Matthew Perry minted a massive $120 million fortune from his entertainment career.

Perry earlier made news for going wrong with his drug addiction and how he overcame it saying, “What I’m most surprised with is my resilience. The way that I can bounce back from all of this torture and awfulness. Wanting to tell the story, even though it’s a little scary to tell all your secrets in a book, I didn’t leave anything out.”

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