Friends Fan Theory Finally Reveals Why 'Rachel Green' Jennifer Aniston's Trifle Tasted Like Feet For Ross Geller aka David Schwimmer
Friends Fan Theory Finally Reveals Why ‘Rachel Green’ Jennifer Aniston’s Trifle Tasted Like Feet For Ross Geller aka David Schwimmer & We Bet You Can’t Unsee It! ( Photo Credit – A Still From Friends )

American sitcom Friends is one of the most popular shows in the world. The show may have ended 18 years ago but its popularity still lives on in 2023. Almost every generation has watched the highly popular TV series and the current generation also seems to be getting introduced to the show quite quickly.

Being one of the massively popular TV shows of all time, it has attracted a number of fan theories over the years. Some of the theories focus on certain characters, like the plethora of ideas about Rachel Green and Ross Geller’s relationship, while others are about the show as a whole.



However, today we are going to reveal about Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Green might be harboring a secret. It’s possible that the formerly spoiled friend might have a foot fetish because she seems to mention feet a lot throughout the series and also tries to paint Ross’ toenails in the third season. She also points out that her toes are one of her erogenous zones. It was evidently seen during an episode where Monica Geller was seen explaining the seven erogenous zones in women to Chandler Bing.

If this wasn’t enough, Ross Geller also hinted at Rachel’s foot fetish. Interestingly, in one of the episodes of Friends season 6, Ross aka David Schwimmer said, ” It tastes like feet” while tasting a trifle made by Rachel as Joey Tribbianni enjoyed the dessert. Watch the hilarious fan theory shared by a user on Instagram:


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Even though the popular series Friends is known for its fun and comedy, one thing is for sure: some of the theories invented by fans are even more interesting than what we actually see on the show!

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