“Free Billie Eilish” Slogan Held Up By A California Man Who Climbed A Tower With A Guitar - Here's What Happened
“Free Billie Eilish” Slogan Held Up By A California Man Who Climbed A Tower – Here’s What Happened (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Billie Eilish is one of the most influential singers in the world, so influential that a person climbed a tower to “Free” her. You read that right, a man in Los Angeles recently climbed a TV tower with a poster that read, “FREE BILLIE EILISH.” Scroll further to learn what happened next and check some hilarious reactions by netizens.

The ‘Bad Guy’ singer began her musical career during her teenage and soon shot to fame with her tracks. The Grammy Award winner enjoys a following of millions and fans do all kinds of stuff for her. However, this one went an extra mile, or should we say climbed an extra tower.

Billie Eilish began trending on Twitter early Wednesday and netizens were confused about the reason behind it. It turned out that a man, who has not been identified yet, climbed the 162-foot tower of California news station KTLA. As per the channel, the man could climb only 30 feet up the tower, stopped there, sat and began playing his guitar. The man also held a sign that read “FREE BILLIE EILISH.” As a result, the police department had to shut down Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard for over three hours, and the man was eventually brought down and arrested.

Several videos of the man have gone viral on social media. One of the clips also features a huge balloon set up by the fire department on the ground to bring the man down safely. Officials are calling the man a “protestor,” but it is still unclear what he was protesting for. The other side sign that the man held read, “MK ultra s*x slaves donald marshall clones.”

Meanwhile, netizens could not stop reacting to the “Free Billie Eilish” slogan as they were confused about it. A Twitter user said, “Billie Eilish, sleeping peacefully as “FREE BILLIE EILISH” trends, not knowing she needs to be set free,” while another wrote, “Me trying to rescue Billie Eilish from Prison after seeing “Free Billie Eilish” trending for no reason.”

A third user wrote, “free billie eilish? from what exactly?”

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