Former WWE Star CM Punk Idolises Dave Bautista
Former WWE Star CM Punk Praises Dave Bautista(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

CM Punk has been amongst the most animated pro-wrestlers ever to graced the ring. Even though he walked out of WWE several years back, he stays relevant in the news due to his stuff other than pro-wrestling. One such thing is acting, which keeps Punk going. Recently, he opened up about his Hollywood aspiration and praised Dave Bautista.


For the unversed, Dave Bautista is amongst those pro-wrestlers, who have made it big in their acting career. However, what makes him different from other wrestlers turned stars is, he keeps experimenting unlike Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and John Cena. Punk too is in awe of the same.


CM Punk’s television series, Heels, premiered just a while ago. For promoting it, Punk has been making several media appearances. One such was his talk with Movie Trivia Schmoedown’s Kristian Harloff. While speaking to him, he opened up about his aspirations.

Cm Punk said, “I watch guys, friends of mine, Dave Bautista, do these huge blockbuster roles but also do roles that are challenging to him because he wants to grow and be a better actor.”

Punk added, “I just want to follow in his footsteps, you know what I mean? And it’s not because I want to be rich or to be famous but I see how fun acting is and I see how playing dress-up, essentially, how fun that can be. When stuff’s hard, I tend to want to do it more and be good at it. I have that personality trait.”

Meanwhile, apart from his acting career, Punk is in the news over a rumoured debut on AEW. Reportedly, he will be appearing on August 20’s episode of Rampage.

Stay tuned for more pro-wrestling and Hollywood updates.

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