Former Kanye West Fan Burns 12 Lakh Worth Yeezys To Protest Rapper's Anti-Semitic Comment
Former Kanye West Fan Protests Rapper’s Anti-Semitic Comment By Burning 12 Lakh Worth Yeezys ( Photo Credit – Facebook ; Twitter/Nice Kicks )

With everything that is going on with Kanye West, one person decided to stand up against him by burning a lot of Yeezy shoes. For those living under a rock, Ye has been hitting the headlines every day over his controversial behaviour. His recent anti-Semitic remarks have left everyone uncomfortable.

Not just people but brands have condemned the rapper as well. Just recently, Ye lost his iconic deal with Adidas. The company announced that production of the popular Yeezy line would stop immediately – after which West dropped out of Forbes’ billionaire list. Even Balenciaga has stopped their deal with him.



Amidst all of this, one particular person decided to stand up against Kanye West and his anti-Jew comments by burning several pairs of Yeezy sneakers. As per WSVN, a former Ye fan, Danny Schiff, made a video of him sacrificing his collection of Yeezys worth $15k or 12 lakhs in INR.

The former Kanye West stan bought over 40 pairs of Yeezys over the years. He decided to burn a few of them and will auction off the rest. “I’m very much actually for free speech, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but what got me going on this one is someone like Kanye West, people like him cannot use the massive platform to spread this kind of hate,” Danny told the outlet.

“A lot of people made comments about, ‘Oh, why are you burning them, it’s such a waste, you should donate them,’ which is true. It is a waste to burn them,” he added. “But I totally would make a much stronger statement, and I did say that for every pair, I’m going to buy two new pairs of shoes and donate them to charity, which I did.”

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