Fifty Shades Of Grey Author Wanted Robert Pattinson To Play Christian Grey
Fifty Shades Of Grey: Did You Know? Robert Pattinson Was The First Choice For Christian Grey ( Photo Credit – Getty images / Robert Pattinson; IMDb / Fifty Shades Of Grey )

Fifty Shades Of Grey released in 2015 and it turned into a game-changer for Dakota Johnson as well as Jamie Dornan. The film minted a massive $570 million worldwide. Although there remained a section of users who criticized its content, the majority loved the plotline. But did you know? The Batman actor Robert Pattinson was the first choice of the makers.

Yes, you heard that right! It was the author E.L. James who wanted to cast Pattinson for the role. However, she felt casting him alongside Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart would be ‘weird.’ But the author did meet The Batman actor for a private conversation regarding the role.

Robert Pattinson revealed it all in a conversation with Mirror in 2017. Detailing their meet & greet session, the actor shared, “I know the writer of the book, and before any of that happened, I had met her in Chateau Marmont. That is EL James, she wrote Fifty Shades of Grey’, and I was a little bit drunk and I literally kept forcing her to tell me every one of her fantasies and it was fun. I was absolutely terrified.”

Talking about why he rejected Fifty Shades Of Grey, Robert Pattinson cited its physical side as the reason. I sometimes look at stuff and go, “You have to work out too much. It is going to be exhausting. I have tried. I don’t understand how people do it at all. I will go to the gym sometimes. I will have one week on and three months off.”

Could you have imagined Robert playing Christian Grey? It’s surely a tough one to imagine but we’re more than happy with Jamie Dornan.

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