Around 5000 Actors Were Auditioned Before Robert Pattinson Was Locked For Twilight
Twilight Makers Went Through Auditions Of 5000 Actors & Finally Roped In Robert Pattinson(Pic credit – Imdb )

Twilight is amongst the most hated franchises of all time. Surprisingly, its box office collection has a totally different story to dictate. Featuring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and others, the romantic fantasy saga is really a subject of thesis for all box office enthusiasts.

Today, here we’ll be not talking about box office feats but take a look at one interesting fact of the film. The franchise kick-started in 2008. Based on Stephenie Meyer’s 2005 novel of the same name, the first instalment opened too mixed to average reviews. Very few, who lauded the project, termed it as a pop classic. Despite all such mixed feedbacks, no one had denied that Pattinson delivered a breakthrough performance as Edward Cullen. In fact, we couldn’t even imagine any other playing it as better as Pattinson. But what if we say, before him, around 5,000 actors auditioned for Edward’s role?



Yes, no wonder how surprising or shocking it might sound, makers had auditioned around 5,000 actors for Twilight’s Edward Cullen. Even though makers have been tight-lipped on the same, trusted film magazines and portals have confirmed the fact. After going through such a huge number of auditions, Robert Pattinson was locked in to play a 108-years-old vampire.

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Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, Twilight was made at an estimated cost of $37 million. It went onto collect $407 million through theatrical release. Apart from the theatrical run, the film made big bucks through its DVD sale and overall home media release. Reportedly, 11,242,519 copies of DVD (inclusive of Blu-Ray and other editions) were sold, summing up for a total sale of a whopping $201 million.

Meanwhile, once Pattinson had said that he does not know how to act. “I don’t really know how to act, I kind of wanted to somehow make it real, and one of the ways I’ve always thought makes that a little bit easier is if you shake up your physical state just before action. You end up walking into a scene having a different feeling,” Pattinson had told the Observer newspaper.

(Inputs- IMDb)

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