Fast X Director Explains Jason Momoa’s Scene In The Movie
Fast X Director Details About Jason Momoa’s Heist Scene In The Movie (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

Fast X movies are out in the theatres and have been getting a lot of praise for Jason Momoa’s acting. While the recently released movie has a star-studded cast, the newest addition to the family has been discussed for his amazing portrayal of Dante Reyes. The character is the son of Hernan Reyes, the villain from the fifth movie, and a scene in the movie shows the actor is actually at the moment. Explaining the same on how Dante got into the scene, director Louis Leterrier explained how they used deleted scenes from Fast Five to recreate the scene and include Momoa’s villain in the movie.

The opening scene of Fast X recalls the iconic heist scene where Vin Diesel’s Dom and his crew steal Reyes’ money vault from the police station. Read on to find out how the makers shoot new flashbacks of Jason Momoa’s character in order to insert them into the existing Fast Five footage.

During a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Fast X director Louis Leterrier explained how Universal Studios’s amazing archival department helped him get the perfect scene in the movie. “we dug it all out and looked at everything,” shared the director. As Fast Five was shot on 35 mm, the director added, “We transferred all the footage and realised afterwards what unused footage that we could use and tweak.”

The Fast X director says Stephen Windon, who was the same DOP for Fast Five, was also working for the recent movie and remembered exactly what he did and what his light meter read back then. “we put our characters into pre-existing footage through motion control and CG, and then we also shot new bits with the same film stock and cameras as Fast Five,” said the Leterrier.

While Fast X is the first movie of the trilogy conclusion for the Fast and Furious franchise, let us know what do you think about it. For more stories, stay tuned to

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