Elvis Presley Allegedly Had A 'Perverted S*xual Appetite' & Was Interested Only In Virgins; Read On
Elvis Presley Allegedly Had A ‘Perverted S*xual Appetite’ & Was Interested Only In Virgins(Photo Credit –Facebook)

American singer Elvis Presley is considered to be the most legendary musician who revolutionized the music industry and left an indelible mark on pop culture. He is often referred to as ‘The King of Rock and Roll’, but he is also called ‘The King of Foreplay’.

Elvis’s fusion of musical genres appealed to diverse audiences, and his songs became chartbusters. The pop star not only amassed a massive wealth but also seemed to have had wildlife. A report claimed he would meet with young women for s*x and was interested in virgins.

As reported by The Sun, ‘Elvis Presley: A Southern Life’ has revealed some shocking details about the legendary American pop star. Despite being married to Priscilla, whom he met when she was only 14, the book stated that he had a “perverted s*xual appetite” and frequently met with young women.

According to author and historian Joel Williamson’s account in the book, Elvis‘ love triangle with two virgins was an “impossible dream for Elvis, who was obsessed with virginity.” He turned his Palm Springs home into a faux Playboy mansion as multiple women went in and out.

Lamar Fike, who lived in several of Elvis Presley’s houses, said: “His s*xual appetite was very, very strong. The touching, feeling, patting, and everything else meant more to Elvis than the actual act. ‘I guess Elvis was the King of Foreplay.”

He would perform nurse and patient games with Priscilla and the other girls in the bedroom. He seemingly followed a routine, courting and seducing virginal ladies in an effort to preserve their virginity for as long as possible. However, the relationship would quickly come to an end whenever the women lost their virginity.

The book reads about Elvis Presley’s affair with Cybill Shephard. She said, “He was a great kisser and very sweet, but not the stud that she had expected. She ascribed the difficulty to the drugs he was taking it was hard for him to be a natural man.”

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