Netizens Make Fun Of Donald Trump For Playing Golf As Joe Biden Is Named President
Donald Trump Trolled For Playing Golf As Joe Biden Is Named President

It is a big day for the U.S. as Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump and became the 46th President of the country. The entire country is in a celebration mode, and that is quite evident from their social media posts.


But something that caught all our attention was Trump spotted playing golf recently. Maybe, he was trying to distract himself from the chaos.


According to reports in Hollywood Life, Donald Trump left the White House early Saturday morning to attend the golf outing with some friends. He was on the golf course near a golf cart at the moment the 2020 presidential race results were announced. Once photos of him golfing in the secluded area made their way to Twitter and users couldn’t help but share hilarious responses and memes that revealed how they think he reacted to the defeat.

“lol Trump is apparently out golfing right now, and when they drive him back he’s going to have to see the HUMONGOUS CROWD LOUDLY CELEBRATING HIS LOSS surrounding the White House,” one response read. Meanwhile, others posted a meme of Donald Trump’s head on a child’s body while out on a golf course, which can be seen below. The meme showed him swinging at a golf ball and missing before laying down on the ground with swinging arms and kicking feet, a move reminiscent of a child having a tantrum. Check out some of the memes below:

Check out some more memes about Donald Trump below:

Joe Biden’s victory while Donald Trump was on the golf course comes after Saturday’s vote counts for the key battleground state of Pennsylvania pushed him over a half-point lead. He was also projected to win the battleground state of Nevada shortly after he was announced president-elect. Biden’s win also marks the historic win for his running mate, Kamala Harris, who becomes the first female, black and South-Asian Vice President of the U.S.

What do you think about Donald Trump’s defeat and these memes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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