The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Occasionally Argued With Strangers Regarding His DC Character
Robert Pattinson Had Virtual Brawls With The Batman Haters(Photo Credit: wikipedia/Poster From The Batman)

There are several ways in which an actor would prepare for their role, but nothing tops Robert Pattinson’s occasional virtual brawl with strangers on online forums. The actor has made his DC debut with The Batman, which was released today. It was a much-awaited film of this year and gained hype around it ever since Rob was signed on as the Dark Knight.


From the reviews and the ratings, it can be seen that the film reached out well to the audience. As per one report, the flick has already generated $5.3 million at the international box office due to its official screening on Thursday in many countries.


Now that the film is released, DC fans can enjoy watching the new iteration of the Caped Crusader. Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson has admitted to debating The Batman’s haters on online forums, anonymously. While speaking with Vanity Fair, “Sometimes I just get pushed a little far, and I have to respond something,” Rob said. “So, when sometimes you just see a quite abstract message going like, ‘Just please, just leave me alone,’ that’s me. ‘Stop picking faults. I’m doing my best,'” the Twilight actor added.

Even though most of the time his online interactions with The Batman haters included a brawl, there were times when Robert Pattinson found talking to strangers useful. He said that this little exercise, in turn, helped to prepare for his character. “It’s actually very… I’m just reading these again, and it’s extremely helpful to have these fan theories,” Robert explained. “I used to look at a lot of the forum stuff, and it actually really did inform my character a lot. Still, look at it nowadays… I generally lurk.”

Imagine arguing with a stranger online and not even knowing that it is Pattinson. We can agree that Robert finds peculiar ways to prepare for a character. But whatever he did, it shows, especially from the early reactions of the viewers.

Other than Robert Pattinson, The Batman stars Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis, and many more talented actors. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more!

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