DJ Envy comes to the defence of 50 Cents after mic-throwing incident
DJ Envy comes to the defence of 50 Cents after mic-throwing incident ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

DJ Envy, weighing in on rapper Fifty Cents’ mic throwing incident, has come out and called the rapper one of the nicest people he knows, despite him coming across as a big bully of sorts on social media.

Talking about the rapper, he said that while he hasn’t met Fifty Cents (or 50 Cents) in a while, Envy also labeled the media calling the rap sensation as a bully, ‘utter hogwash’, saying that it was all just likely an accident.

“There’s no way in hell. I mean, 50. You know, everybody sees Fif (another name for 50 Cents) as this big bully online, but he’s like, the nicest and most caring person,” he said according to Aceshowbiz.

50 Cents had earlier during his concert in Los Angeles had thrown a mic in the crowd which ended up hitting a woman on the head, who was standing right in front of him.

This incident occurred after the ‘In Da Club’ singer grew increasingly frustrated due to two defective mics being handed to him, leading him to simply hurl the mic at the audience without thought.

However, due to the injury caused to the woman, 50 Cents is now facing criminal battery charges. The victim has turned out to be Power 106 radio host Bryhana Monegain.

“I know it was probably an accident. I know it was an accident. So, I mean, things happen,” DJ Envy added. “50 wasn’t aiming for her. And, we’ve seen 50 throw that first pitch at that Major League Baseball game. And we know how crazy he throws. So I know 50 is very remorseful.”

According to law authorities, it is believed that the rapper hurled the mic in the direction of a production area and it hit the victim.

Meanwhile, the victim claimed that Fif knew she was there as he looked directly at her beforehand. She reportedly went to a hospital with an open cut on her forehead. However, the rapper’s lawyer has refuted the statement, saying that it was completely unintentional.

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