Tom Cruise & James Cameron In Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse
Tom Cruise & James Cameron Almost Had A Cameo In Miles Morales’ Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse(Photo Credit –wikimedia/Imdb)

The recently released animated Spider-Man movie has got everyone talking about it in the superhero fandom. While the movie has been shattering its previous records, many are calling it the best Spider-Man movie to date. However, to everyone’s surprise, the franchise’s first movie had a cameo by Tom Cruise and James Cameron until it was scrapped at the last moment. Read on ahead to know more about it!

Miles Morales’s debut film was a gamble that Marvel played, which did wonders for the franchise. Not only the movie went on to become a Box Office success, but it also opened the door to the multiverse, which is just adding more fun to the MCU’s Multiversal Saga.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse had an alternate cut of the movie, which did not see the end of the light. A scene from the alternate cut was a big deal for the franchise as it featured Miles Morales training to be Spider-Man by watching a Spider-Man movie. The co-director Rodney Rothman once shared with Slash Film how it had Hollywood heavyweights Tom Cruise and James Cameron, who provided audio commentary for the Spider-Man movie.

The directors of the movie explained to the outlet how it got more complex, and they had to drop the idea. They initially planned to show Cruise playing a real person Spider-Man in a Cameron film. Rothman shared, “There was a movie version of a movie about Spiderman in Miles universe about the real person Spiderman, but it was a James Cameron-directed movie with Tom Cruise as Spidey. Yes. Spidey. And it was James Cameron and Spidey and Tom Cruise on the audio.”

While the collaboration could not happen in the MCU, it would have been interesting to watch Tom Cruise and James Cameron joining forces in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. However, let us know what do you think about it and for more stories, stay tuned to

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