Did You Know? The Dark Knight Rises' Premiere Midnight Shows Were SOLD OUT Six Months Ahead Of The Release - [Fact-O-Meter]
Did You Know? The Dark Knight Rises’ Premiere Midnight Shows Were SOLD OUT Six Months Ahead Of The Release – [Fact-O-Meter]

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy is amongst the most loved franchises across the globe. While we loved Christian Bale as Batman, we also saw never-seen-before supervillains like Joker played by Heath Ledger and Bane played by Tom Hardy.

The success of the second instalment, The Dark Knight was beyond expectations and expectedly, it managed to create a huge hype for the last part of the trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. Earlier, it was doubted if the next antagonist manages to touch the bar set by Heath Ledger’s Joker, but Tom Hardy as Bane left impressed with his unique aura. When the first few glimpses from the film were dropped, fans went crazy to catch the film.



Such a craze did translate in numbers as the makers were stunned by the response. Apparently, the advance bookings for The Dark Knight Rises have opened six months ahead from the release date. The online ticket sale was opened through Fandango.com for special IMAX version. And believe us, within a few hours of opening, the premiere midnight shows were all sold out in New York and Los Angeles.

Released in 2012, The Dark Knight Rises went onto collect $1.08 billion at the global box office.

Meanwhile, speaking of Tom Hardy‘s transformation for the film, apart from bulking the actor even had to go through a strange makeup routine. Bane is bald, he dons a vest or coat all the time, so wondering where the makeup team had a task? Well, it’s Tom’s tattoos.

Most of the readers would be aware of those s*xy tattoos of Tom Hardy, which was hidden while shooting The Dark Knight Rises. While the CGI work was used during the film, the pancake makeup did come in handy. Yes, pancakes were applied on Tom’s chest and arms to cover up those tattoos.

Also, he had to tweak his voice a bit to play Bane. Tom had said, “Bane is somebody who’s in tremendous pain all the time. So he had an older voice. Which is sort of Richard Burton, I suppose, you know. Slightly florid, camp English villain … in many ways, but just off-centre,” Hardy quotes as per The Dark Knight Rises’ blu-ray special additions.

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