When Justin Bieber Was Offered $1 Million To Endorse A Dildo Maker Whose Kit Produces A “Vibrating Silicone Replica Of Any P*nis”
Did You Know, Justin Bieber Was Offered $1 Million Nearly A Decade Ago To Clone His P*nis Into A D*ldo! (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Justin Bieber is a name known across the globe thanks to his music, dating life, controversies and lots more. The ‘Baby’ singer – who is now happily married to model Hailey Bieber, was once offered a whopping $1 million to have his p*nis cloned by do-it-yourself d*ldo-maker Clone-A-Willy, a while after his bulge went viral on the internet.

For those who don’t remember, in 2015, pictures of a n*ked Bieber and his p*nis were clicked while he was vacationing in Bora Bora. The New York Daily News published the photographs, and the artist responded to it by saying he felt “super violated.” His lawyers, in return, issued a cease-and-desist letter to the tabloid, threatening to sue.

As per Huffpost (originally known as The Huffington Post), in a cheesily sent letter to Bieber’s then commercial listed agent (as well as them), Clone-A-Willy wrote, “Justin Bieber, he’s popular, talented and now as the entire world knows … quite well-endowed. You can only imagine … a huge billboard of Justin Bieber and “Clone-A-Willy” in West Hollywood. It would surely do wonders to help promote his new album and certainly wouldn’t hurt his “dating” life.”

This letter addressed to Justin Bieber’s agent further read, “We know that Justin is a big celebrity and our offer is commiserate [sic] with someone of his enormous stature. We are offering Mr. Bieber a million dollars to endorse ‘Clone-A-Willy.’ “As per the website, Clone-A-Willy says its kit produces “a vibrating silicone replica of any p*nis in the comfort of your own home.”

The publication reportedly reached out to the agent addressed in the letter but received no response. We wonder if Justin’s team gave this $1 million deal a thumbs up – if they did, we are sure that year’s Christmas list may have included several Bieber Willy – don’t you think! (wink)

Would you purchase a Justin Bieber d*ldo if it were ever made? Let us know in the comments.

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