BTS’ V Was Not Announced As The Band’s Member Till 11 Days Before Their Debut In 2013
BTS’ V Was Not Announced As The Band’s Member Till 11 Days Before Their Debut In 2013 ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The South Korean boy band BTS is among the most popular K-Pop groups in the world. The seven members of the group have broken the language barrier and given the industry a whole new pop genre. The group is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month with their fan ARMY showering them with immense love. While the band was introduced in 2013 with its seven members, V was announced in the end. Moreover, he was a hidden artist for two years and once opened up about how he felt.

Kim Taehyung, who is professionally known as V, made his debut alongside RM, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope and Suga as a part of the group. He is now among the most popular K-Pop idols with a massive following.

V recently made the Guinness World Record for the fastest Instagram user to reach 60 million. While he is a music sensation now for his voice, dance moves, and good looks, this was not the case in the early 2010s. Once, during an interview with Rolling Stone, BTS’ V opened up about his audition for Big Hit Entertainment, when he came to support his friend but himself got selected. Revealing how the audition was a complicated one, the singer said, “[Big Hit Entertainment] asked me if I would like to try out so I said yes. I danced and they said do you have something else? I sang for them and they asked do you have anything else to show us? I beatboxed and they asked what else? I rapped and they said what else? I brought my saxophone and played it for them to which they responded do you have anything else to show us? It was then that I finally said no I don’t have anything else to show you.”

BTS’ V joined the company in 2011 and trained for two years. While the other six members were introduced as a part of the group in 2012, Kim Taehyung’s first look was revealed on June 2, 2013, just 11 days ahead of the band’s official debut. Talking about the same, V said, “When all of the members were shooting for their own logs, I was the only one who couldn’t, so I was very sad.” As a result, he recorded himself occasionally and said, “Shooting alone, I would say, ‘Today is this day of this month in 2013. I did this. This probably won’t get released, right? I’m sad.’”

However, HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk once revealed the reason behind it was that the company wanted an impactful person to be launched at last. However, this did not make the singer happy as he said, “I actually can’t understand it whatsoever. Why did they do that? Why was that the concept? I really had no idea!”

Well, the rest is history, as V is indeed a music sensation now.

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