Chris Hemsworth's Old Picture Has Started A Debate Online On Whether He Has Gotten A Jaw-Job Done
Netizens Are Convinced That Chris Hemsworth Got A Jaw Implant Done After Looking At This Pic (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Chris Hemsworth is one of the fittest actors in Hollywood and definitely one of the most handsome ones. However, his physique has been in question for many years and for all the right and wrong reasons. While many fitness experts call his workout regimes an inspiration, many accuse him of using steroids and different enhancement drugs. Some time ago, it was even speculated that he had undergone plastic surgery. Scroll on to learn more.

The Thor actor has a phenomenal body, and everybody knows it. His stunt double, Bobby Holland Hanton, once shared that he was exhausted while keeping up with Chris’ diet to achieve a physique like his. He had to eat every two hours, and it was daunting for him.

In a Reddit post that went viral last year, a user compared the recent photo of Chris Hemsworth with his face in earlier days. Netizens could sport some major differences between the pictures and claimed that the Thor actor had gotten a jaw-job done on him. Many folks even wondered if he had not opted for plastic surgery but actually used steroids and HGH (human growth hormone).

Take A Look At The Comparison Pic That Started The Debate:

Did Chris Hemsworth get a jaw implant?
by in Fauxmoi

In the left picture, Chris Hemsworth’s jaw looks visibly round in shape, and in the right one, it looks chiselled and well-defined. The difference made the netizens begin their detective work and find probable reasons for it.

There were some who suggested that Chris Hemsworth had not just done something to his jaw but also opted for lip filler and a hair implant. Well, the assumptions were endless but without any proof.

Here’s what they commented –

“Steroids can make your jaw grow/looking bigger/more square”

“I think it’s a combo of steroids and work though, I see lip filler and hair plugs.”

“Definitely hgh induced excessive bone growth”

“Looks like it. Maybe something with his hairline also. Shouldn’t mess with perfection. I like the before much, much more.”

“He looks like Zac Efron had a baby with Chris Pine”

Well, it’s a high possibility that Chris Hemsworth achieved that Godly looks naturally and enhanced it with hard work.

Let us know what you think about the debate, and for more information, stay tuned to Koimoi.

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