Demi Lovato Claims To Have Had A 'Mind-Blowing' Encounter With An Alien
Demi Lovato Claims That They Encountered An Alien On Their 28th Birthday ( Photo Credit – Still )

American singer and songwriter, Demi Lovato is known for their mind-blowing albums such as ‘Tell Me You Love Me, ‘Confident’, ‘Unbroken’, and many other amazing songs. Recently, Demi claims to have made contact with aliens on their 28th birthday!

The 29-year-old singer stars alongside their sister Dallas, and their sceptical BFF Matthew in the new series ‘Unidentified’. In the series, the trio visits various UFO hot spots.



Demi Lovato was pretty thrilled by the experience as they shared: “I had a pretty profound experience on my 28th birthday. I made [alien] contact, and it was a pretty mind-blowing experience. Ever since then, I started to look into this more and I wanted to do a show about it.”

While remembering the experience, Demi Lovato added, “We were stargazing and we tried to do this protocol where you make contact, and all of a sudden something showed up directly above us in the sky.”

Demi also explained that there was a huge light that made a question mark in the sky and then it just backed out. That’s when the singer realised that their life was probably going to change spiritually. Singer also added that they had a spiritual connection to the journey as well.

Demi Lovato wasn’t frightened by the experience, revealing the event brought them “overwhelming joy”.

While having a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, the star explained how everyone would think that they would have freaked out with the experience, but all they found was love in the whole event and that there was no fear.

They further went on to add about the feeling that you get from these beings (Aliens) is so warm and loving, and that once made contact with them all one shall feel is overwhelming joy.

What do you think about Demi Lovato’s perception of aliens? Let us know in the comments below!

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