Defending Jacob Episode 5 Review [Visitors]: Revelations After Revelations Will Leave You SHOCKED!
Defending Jacob Episode 5 Review [Visitors]: Revelations After Revelations Will Leave You SHOCKED!

After giving us 4 thrilling episodes, Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery and Jaeden Martell are back with the 5th episode of Defending Jacob. The 5th episode is titled as Visitors. In my observation, the visitors can be the characters in the series or us, as the episode is full of revelations. If you are yet to watch the show, avoid the review as it contains a few spoilers.


In the recent episode of Defending Jacob, Andy Barber meets his father Billy Barber, played by J K Simmons in the prison. Andy tells Billy that he needs his help in DNA testing for his son Jacob, who is accused of murder. However, Billy plays mind games with Andy and refuses to help. He tries to make Andy feel guilty for not coming to see his father for so many years.


But his father’s refusal to help him and his son doesn’t discourage Andy Barber. He keeps hunting for the truth and this time again, Chris Evans’ character does everything to find out what happened in Derek’s interrogation. When Duffy refuses to help him, Andy directly confronts Derek. While he can’t take out much from him, he finds out that it was Sarah who told the cops about Derek.

Talking to Sarah helped Andy Barber churn out a lot of information. That’s what makes this episode of Defending Jacob enthralling to watch. There are revelations after revelations regarding Billy, Derek and Jacob. Andy thought he knows his son well but looks like Jacob has a dark side. However, the episode is not only full of tension and suspense. We get to see some light and happy moments in the Barber family.

In just 45 mins, Defending Jacob has changed the entire dynamic of the case. While we don’t know yet who killed Ben, but the story has now gotten more twisted. However, Jacob still baffles you with his straight face and reserved behaviour. Just like Laurie, as a viewer, even you start having doubts about him. But he does have an emotional moment with his dad and that’s when we sense his fear.

I haven’t revealed what the revelations were and how the story shaped in the episode, Visitors. Because that is something you need to watch. But that latest episode is mind-boggling. I can’t wait to know what the makers of Defending Jacob further have in store for us.

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