Dave Bautista Talks About Joining Hands With Dwayne Johnson & John Cena
Dave Bautista Is Not Open To Work With Dwayne Johnson & John Cena (Photo Credit: Instagram & IMDb)

Folks from the same clan venturing out into new territories are always up for some comparisons. Former WWE grapplers John Cena, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and Dave Bautista are no exception. Time and again, the three have maintained a silence on each other and Dave, out of all, has managed to even keep a safe distance from the two professionally. And he is now even opening upon whether he would work with them or not.

If you are unversed, Dave, John Cena and The Rock are quite famous for their rivalries from the time three were actively fighting in the WWE ring. Entering Hollywood as an actor did not help much as it made two sides with Cena and Johnson on one and Bautista on the other. While the former two reconciled and are on good terms to the extent that they are a part of the same franchise, Dave maintained his distance and is happy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Read on to know what he has to say about joining hands with the other two now.

So what exactly happened to get a reaction from Dave Bautista? We All know John Cena in the past few days has offered Dwayne Johnson an olive branch and even expressed that he is open to doing a film with him. Both are a part of the Fast & Furious universe now. So one of the many fans who are super excited by the news on Twitter wrote, “Throw @DaveBautista into the mix too.”

This reached Dave Bautista who said he is good and not open to this possibility. He wrote, “Nah I’m good!!” Well, that is enough to tell you that Bautista is not uniting with the other two anytime soon.

Meanwhile, as per We Got This Covered, Dave Bautista has lashed out at Dwayne Johnson in the past. He had said, “There is something about The Rock that’s really special. I’d never take that away from him. Would I consider him a great actor? F**k no. The Rock and John Cena are wrestlers who became movie stars. I’m something else. I was a wrestler. Now, I’m an actor.”

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