The Official Rights Of Daredevil Are Officially Back With Marvel
The Rights Of Daredevil Are Officially Back With Marvel (Photo Credit – IMDB )

After airing for the first time on April 10, 2015, on Netflix, Marvel’s Daredevil, or simply Daredevil, went on to run for two more successful seasons. The last of the series was its third season that aired from October 19, 2018, with the OTT giant cancelling the show on November 29, 2018. Now, as per the latest reports, the rights of the beloved vigilante is back with Marvel.

This transfer of rights back in the hands of Marvel comes after the expiration of the long-running moratorium. The Netflix movie and TV rights to the vigilante slipped back to Marvel a few days ago. Ever since then, fans of the show have taken o social media and launched a campaign for the studio to continue the adventures of The Man Without Fear in the MCU. Fans are open to it being either on the big screen or Disney+ Hotstar.

As reported by MovieWeb, Marvel was unable to use Daredevil in any of its MCU shows or movie; it is owing to an agreement between Marvel and Netflix deal with the streaming giant.

With the rights now back, following a two-year hold that was required following the show’s cancellation, Matt Murdock and his violent alter ego – the Daredevil can now join the rest of the MCU on screen.

And fans are hoping the studio will continue the already established series in all its perfection. In fact, they took to social media and ran a campaign for the same. Some are calling for Charlie Cox to reprise his role as Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio to return as Kingpin.

One user wrote, “This is not a drill! The Daredevil moratorium ends 🚨 THIS SUNDAY November 29 🚨 and we need your help to get #SaveDaredevil trending 😈!” Another tweeted, “So, as of today, Daredevil rights are back with Marvel Studios. DD was the best comic-based TV show ever and remains one of my favorites TV shows to this day. We need Charlie and Vincent to reprise their roles… #SaveDaredevil”

Some other tweets asking Marvel to save the show and come out with its fourth season read “Today’s the day the rights to Daredevil return to Marvel The show was a gripping tale of rage and forgiveness filled with incredible performances, a riveting story and jaw dropping fight scenes Do the right thing Marvel and #SaveDaredevil” Another wrote, “Marvel officially got the rights to Daredevil back today. Please #SaveDaredevil and give us a season 4 and beyond of this incredible show!”

Many Daredevil fans noted that this wouldn’t be the first time that a cancelled show was brought back. A user tweeted, “The perfect suit. The perfect cast. The perfect Daredevil. The perfect Kingpin. Come on Marvel, we need more of this! #SaveDaredevil” Another wrote, “Daredevil is the best live action Comic Book Show Ever #SaveDaredevil” A third wrote, “Samurai Jack did it. Clone Wars did it. Young Justice did it. If they can come back from cancellation… So can Daredevil”

Do you want to see Marvel return with the fourth season of Daredevil? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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