Daredevil: Born Again Writers & Directors Fired By Marvel?
Daredevil: Born Again Marks Charlie Cox’s First Standalone Show In The MCU (Picture Credit: IMDB)

While we thought Fantastic Four Reboot, X-Men, and Avengers: Secret Wars is where all the chaos is right now unfolding at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, none of us even guessed that we all would be more interested in the BTS drama of Daredevil: Born Again that has now become the center of attraction for the past couple of days. The news that the studio has fired the writers took the fandom by storm, and everyone has been confused about what exactly went wrong that the studio has to take such a drastic step. A new report now suggests what exactly is happening with the content.

For the unversed, Charlie Cox has played Daredevil for three seasons in the hit Netflix show. He made his MCU debut with Spider-Man: No Way Home, where he had a quite interesting cameo opposite Tom Holland in a very crucial scene. Soon, it was announced that his cameo was more than an Easter egg and that he will now have a standalone series on Disney+.

The show has been in the making ever since, but it looks like Matt Murdock’s first MCU show has hit a roadblock. It is being said that Daredevil: Born Again has returned to the scratch, and if that wasn’t enough to shock you, the scrapped script of the show would have kept Matt away from his suit for four episodes. Read on to know everything you should know about the same.

As per a Comic Book Movie report, Daredevil: Born Again’s scrapped script was set to keep Matt Murdock away from suiting up as the titular character for four episodes, and would have stuck to being a legal drama . The reason was that he decided to give up his alternate life of a vigilante after the murder of his best friend, Foggy Nelson. This update sent a shock wave amid the fandom who slammed the studio for even thinking of killing Nelson. There was also a chance that Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page could have also been dead in the show.

Now that all of that has been scrapped, and Daredevil is now back to scratch, doesn’t the studio hold on to anything from the scrapped material? The answer is they do. The studio will stick to the initial couple of episodes but will also change it a bit to bring Matt Murdock to suit up early. They will also keep some plot intact. A scooper Can We Get Some Toast on X wrote, “While THR calls ‘DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN’ an “entire creative reboot,” their article still states Marvel plans to keep SOME of what they shot.”

“The most likely situation is that they are leaving the first couple of episodes intact with some new scenes to get Matt into costume earlier. Foggy’s death, the side plot of corrupt police misusing the Punisher logo, and the overarching plot of Mayor Fisk running New York should still hold true,” the scooper added.

We are definitely not getting to watch Daredevil: Born Again for the next one-year, minimum. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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