The Avengers Trivia: The Iconic Hulk Smashing Loki Scene Came As A Shocking Suprise To Tom Hiddleston, Who Had His Ankle Tied With A Rope… ( Photo Credit: The Avengers/Marvel)

If you thought you were the biggest fan of Marvel and knew all about The Avengers, let us burst your bubble because even after covering hundreds of articles around the trivia of this MCU’s epic superhero saga, we still keep uncovering new things about it. Today, we’re going to talk about one of the franchise’s most iconic scenes – the ‘Puny God’ scene.

Now, the regulars must already be knowing what scene we’re talking about, but for the newbies here, it’s the scene from 2012’s The Avengers in which Tom Hiddleston’s Loki gets smashed by Mark Ruffalo‘s Hulk. Remember that? Yes, the hilarious scene that annoyed Tom from visiting airports because everyone was asking him about the same thing.

We know you must’ve seen that sequence many times now, but have you ever thought about why it is such a good one? The next time you watch that scene after reading this article, focus on Loki’s reaction when Hulk picks him up amidst his egomaniacal speech suddenly to smash the sh*t out of him.

Yes, that reaction is what makes this scene the gold standard. We know it’s for a few mili-seconds and shouldn’t matter much, but that lifts the sequence, giving the desired shock and yet staying extremely funny, matching the quirky vibes of the Avengers.

Tom Hiddleston, while breaking down this scene, talked about how all this came as a surprise to him. Yes, he knew he’d be pulled for the scene, but when? That, he didn’t know. The makers tied his ankle with a rope, and on the other, three people were waiting to pull him. He was never told when the pull would be coming and was handed this long monologue he thought he’d have to recite it all.

While talking to Entertainment Weekly, Tom informed, “I had a piece of wire tied to my ankle, and there was a mat on the floor, which was out of shot, and three of the strongest stunt guys holding the wire at the end behind the camera. The experience of being yanked out of frame was one I will not forget in a hurry,” said Tom Hiddleston

“For about two years after that, I couldn’t go through airports anywhere in the world without somebody kind of going, ‘Hey, Mr. Loki, I love it when you get Hulk smashed.’ It became a bit of a thing in a fun way,” concluded Tom Hiddleston.

Isn’t this amazing? While watching The Avengers for the Nth time, do notice how Tom Hiddleston is caught by surprise, making it a moment to remember forever.

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