Courteney Cox Says "Not The Emmy I Was Looking For" On Receiving Emmy Nomination For Friends Reunion
Courteney Cox Opens Up On Her First First Emmy Nomination (Pic Credit: Getty)

Friends reunion special premiered in May this year which made the fans go ecstatic. They saw their heir favourite group of cast members of the show together on the screen once again. The special episode gained a massive positive response globally and was nominated for the Emmy Awards as well.


Previously, all the members of the cast, excluding Courtney Cox, who plays Monica in the show, had been nominated for the show Friends. This is the first the that the actress has been nominated for an Emmy award for Friends. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she revealed how thrilled she is about the reunion special being recognized at the Emmys.


Courteney Cox said, “Honestly, I am so happy that the reunion has been recognized because I think it’s terrific. Ben Winston did a great job and all of his crew.” However, when it comes to her own Emmy nod for the show, Cox said, “That’s not exactly the Emmy I was looking for. I’m being honest with you.”

While talking to Howard Stern, Courteney Cox has mentioned that it had “hurt” her to be the only one without an Emmy nomination. She said, “I was happy for everybody, and then when it was finally like, ‘Oh, I’m the only one?’ It hurt”.

According to her, the Emmy nomination for the Friends reunion special belongs to the creator Ben Winston. She told Entertainment Weekly, “I’m so thrilled that I got to do it onstage back at that same studio, the same Stage 24, with those incredible people that I love so much. And I’m so thrilled, but that Emmy [nomination] really belongs to Ben Winston… So yes, I’m so happy. But when I was on Howard Stern, I wasn’t talking about that.”

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