Chris Hemsworth Talks About His Return As Thor & Unfortunately He Isn't Sure If He Will
Chris Hemsworth Is Doubtful About His Return As Thor ( Photo Credit – A Still From Thor: Love and Thunder )

After Love and Thunder’s release, questions around Chris Hemsworth’s return as Thor have arisen. Fans wonder if the actor will be taking up his iconic MCU role again or not. The latest movie on Asgardian is the 4th standalone flick, which has never happened in Marve before. This has cast doubts on his return.

However, those who did watch the Taika Waititi directorial would know that the God of Thunder will return. The next thing that comes to one’s mind is whether it will be another standalone film or an extended cameo in another MCU project. As Marvel has rolled out another long list of films and shows for the next Phases, there are a lot of possibilities for that.

Even Chris Hemsworth has spoken about Thor‘s return before and has said that he will keep playing the role until he is kicked off the stage. However, now concerns around it arise as the actor once again speaks about him reprising the role in the recently released Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Thor: Love and Thunder.

It saw Chris Hemsworth speaking about playing the role in the film as it was the last time he did. “I have loved every single time I’ve played the character. This is ten years for most of us now, and maybe the last time I play the character. I certainly was aware of that while shooting,” Chris says, adding, “This has been an incredible shoot. If this was the last one, this is incredibly fitting to finish here in Australia. It really is so, so special to be able to do this at all.”

At one point in the BTS movie, Chris is seen talking to his son, who says, “Please say it’s not the last movie.” To this, Hemsworth replies, “We’ll talk to Marvel about that, son.”

Even if there won’t be another standalone Thor film, there might be chances of Chris Hemsworth appearing in other MCU films. Only time will tell what the future holds for the Asgardian.

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