Chris Evans Reveals He Would Like To Play Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man
Chris Evans On Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man: “He’s Iron Man, The End”(Pic Credit: Movie Stills)

When it comes to MCU characters, we are happy with the star cast and how well they essayed their respective roles. If someone new tries to step into their shoes, it received severe backlash (Wyatt Russell’s Captain America in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier). Recently, Chris Evans was asked if he could switch roles, which he would play and why.


While Chris had an immediate answer with a justification, he also knew he would fail if he or anyone else tried to play it. Any guesses which role we are talking about? Well, it’s none other than Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, aka Tony Stark. Read Evans’ answer below.


During an appearance on ACE Universe Presents: A Conversation with Chris Evans & Scott Evans, the Captain America star was asked, if given the opportunity to switch roles in the Marvel Universe, who would it be and why?” Replying to it, Chris said, “You know, I’ll say… I mean, I’ll say [Robert] Downey [Jr.], Iron Man… The paychecks would be nice, but just the role is so fun. The role is, you know, he’s the engine, he’s the life.”

He further added that anyone playing Iron Man instead of Robert Downey Jr is set to fail. Chris Evans said, “But I suppose that’s kind of signing up for failure. I don’t think there’s anything anyone on this planet could do that would somehow improve upon what Downey’s done, you know what I mean? I don’t consider that a role that’s gonna be like a James Bond or a Superman or Batman, that somehow other people get a bite at the apple. He’s Iron Man, the end.”

Scott Evans was also asked which MCU characters he would like to play, and he said, “I have two answers and both of them are women. It would be Black Wideo (Scatlet Johanson) because i think that’s such a fun part and the fight sequences are so good and so fun. But if I’m could have any powers it would to be Scarlet Witche (Elizabeth Olsen) for sure, just because she’s got everything!” He added that another reason for wanting the role of Wanda Maximoff was because he’s obsessed with WandaVision.

What do you think of the Chris Evans and Scott Evans revelations? Let us know in the comments below.

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