Cardi B Takes Decision Regarding Daughter Kulture’s Custody, Will Offset Benefit? Find Out!
Cardi B Takes Decision Regarding Daughter Kulture’s Custody, Will Offset Benefit? Find Out!

The sudden news of Cardi B and Offset’s divorce broke the internet yesterday. Fans were shocked to hear the news of the couple’s separation. The singer and rapper were married for three years. Though the reports about the crack in their marriage were making headlines for a long time, no one gave it so much importance until yesterday.

Since the couple is filing for a divorce, the question arises about the custody of their daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus. Who amongst the two parents will have their daughter? Well to know more about this, continue reading further.

According to reports in Hollywood Life, in her initial paperwork, Cardi B asked for primary physical custody, as well as legal custody of the couple’s 2-year-old daughter. But on Wednesday, Sept. 16, she amended her divorce petition to request joint custody. Georgia family lawyer Rachel Platt explained the difference between the two requests to the portal.

Although it sounds extreme, Cardi’s initial request for primary physical and legal custody would not have totally cut Offset out of Kulture’s life. “Primary physical custody of her daughter means that her daughter would live primarily with her,” said Platt. “However, Offset would still get parenting time and be able to spend time with his daughter.”

But, now Cardi B has changed the request to joint custody, which means Offset will have equal time with Kulture. “A joint physical custody arrangement would be the parties sharing equal parenting time with the child,” explained the founding partner of Platt Family Law, “by either splitting time the week or alternating weeks spent with the child.”

“Parties in Georgia typically share joint legal custody, Where both parties have access to information about the child and are required to consult with each other and attempt to reach an agreement regarding the upbringing of their children. There are four major decision-making areas: Education, non-emergency medical, extracurricular activities and religion. Georgia requires that a tiebreaker be designated for each area, but the parents can choose who has what area and can put any agreements regarding the upbringing of their children into their parenting plans.”

Well Cardi B has made it clear in her filing that she wants the divorce to be as peaceful as possible. What do you think about her decision regarding Kulture’s custody?

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