Cardi B Roars "Put That Sh*t In My P*ssy B*tch..." Allegedly Starting To Splash The Water First At The Concert Amidst Fans [Reports]
Cardi B Roars “Put That Sh*t In My P*ssy B*tch…” Allegedly Starting To Splash The Water First At The Concert Amidst Fans [Reports] ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Rapper Cardi B is said to be listed as the suspect in a battery case following an incident at her Las Vegas concert, where she hurled a microphone at a concert-goer.

The 30-year-old Washington-born musician was filmed fuming in the aftermath of an incident which saw a gig goer splash her in the face with water. She angrily appeared to raise her arm while holding her microphone before lobbing it into the audience.

The venue’s security can then be seen heading towards the person in the crowd, reports

As the security leap off stage and into the crowd, Cardi B was seen shouting at the person who threw the drink at her. She then composes herself, fixes her hair and the video ends.

However, another clip shows the singer had initiated the water throwing in the first place. She was filmed crudely asking people to “put that s*** in my p***y b***h” and posed while fans splashed her.

The issue seemingly came as one fan later went too far and aimed the liquid too high for Cardi B’s liking. And now it’s reported the songstress may have more than just a wet face to contend with – however police have confirmed there have been no arrests regarding the incident.

According to TMZ, the woman who was struck by Cardi’s mic when she hurled it into the crowd at Drai’s Nightclub on Saturday reported the incident to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department the following day. The publication claims the concert goer told police she had been hit by an item which had been thrown from the stage.

The microphone appeared to strike the drink thrower before bouncing off and hitting another person. It’s not clear which is said to have gone to the police.

A police statement to the Mirror said: “On July 30, 2023, an individual came into an LVMPD police station to report a battery. According to the victim, she was attending an event on July 29, 2023, at a property located in the 3500 block of Las Vegas Boulevard. During a concert, she was struck by an item that was thrown from the stage.

“The incident has been documented on a police report and no arrest or citations have been issued. No further details will be provided at this time.”

Speaking to the Mirror about the incident, a PR expert explained the star “could have really hurt someone” by her actions. PR expert Kieran Elsby said the singer allowed her temper to “get the better of her”. He also suggested a better way she could have handled the situation.

“I understand that she was upset after being sprayed with a drink but it seems her temper got the better of her, I believe that her reaction was dangerous and excessive and could have really hurt someone in the crowd, and it also made her look unprofessional.

“Instead, she could have simply stopped the show and addressed the fan directly. She could have told the fan that their behaviour was unacceptable, and even asked security to evict the fan,” he said.

However, Kieran said the rapper wasn’t the only person at fault, adding: “Cardi B’s actions as a reminder that she is only human and can make mistakes. Whilst artists should set a good example for their fans by handling difficult situations in a calm and professional manner, they also have a right to perform in a safe environment.”

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