Billie Eilish Allegedly Calling Cardi B 'Weird' In Video Taken At The Met Gala After-Party Goes Viral
Are Cardi B & Billie Eilish In A Feud? ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The Met Gala 2022 took place yesterday, and now some drama between Cardi B and Billie Eilish unfolded. What is called ‘fashion’s biggest night out’ was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This year’s theme was Gilded Glamour. Several A-listers attended the gala, including Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Gigi Hadid, and so on.

Each star showed off elaborate dresses, gowns, and more, made while the theme was kept in mind. Some of the highlights of the night were Kim K‘s Marylin Monroe gown, which is said to be the most expensive one to be ever made. Blake Lively’s transformable dress and Ryan’s reaction to the hit caught the most attention.

As the Met Gala ended, celebs stormed the after-party. Amidst that, a drama brewed between Cardi B and Billie Eilish, well, not exactly though. After a video from the party surfaced on social media of the rapper performing at the party she hosted at The Standard, New York City, Billie could allegedly be seen calling Cardi “weird.”

The video went viral across social media. However, Billie Eilish soon clarified it through a voice memo she sent to Cardi B, which she posted on her Twitter. “I was f*cking calling the people around you weird because everybody was coming up to you and shoving their phones into your a*s,” Eilish said in the voice note. “The internet is trying to divide us. They don’t understand that you’re my baby,” Cardi responded.

The WAP singer called out the internet for starting an unnecessary beef between the two. “I hate the internet cause one, how do y’all turn one of the most lit parties into drama? Two, Ocean eyes is the song I cater to my daughter,” the tweet read.

“Three, Billie is my f*ckin baby. Yesterday, from the met to the party, everything was drama-free. Why do yall wanna turn everything into mess?” It continued. Clearly, Billie Eilish and Cardi B didn’t let the internet get in between them.

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