Cardi B Flooded With Thousands Of Hangover Remedies - Helpful To Downright Funny!
Cardi B Reveals She’s Going To Have An Hangover Post New Year; Gets Insane Remedies From Followers(Pic credit: Getty Images)

Who isn’t getting ready to rock in 2021 with some booze, parties and yummy, greasy food? Well, not me cause I’ll be working in the new year. But WAP singer Cardi B is in a full party mood. In fact, she even took to social media and asked her followers for remedies for hangovers. No jokes!

The singer got tons of responses, some of which are sure to leave you chuckling; others will leave you facepalming while some are helpful. In case you are drinking tonight, these may come to your assistance.


On Wednesday (December 30), Cardi B took to her Twitter handle and posted something that caught her followers’ attention. She tweeted, “What do you guys recommend for hangovers? I’m trying to see double on New Year’s Eve but I want to be good In the am” She accompanied the tweeted with a weary face emoji and another of a face with tears of joy.


At the time of going online, Cardi B got 6.6K responses, and we have brought you a few of them. Some of the helpful responses the WAP singer received included a user suggesting drinking milk before touching the alcohol. Other popular opinions included bananas, coconut water, pickles, pickle juice, watermelons and more. Others even suggested Pedialyte, BC Powder and Liquid IV.

A follower of Cardi B commented, “Quarter pounder with cheese, 2 Tylenol, a Marlboro Red & a large grape Gatorade!” While another wrote, “Before u drink take 2 aspirin.. I never had hangovers and was a professional drunk for 15 yrs .. now have 16 sober but I’m guessing aspirin still works lol”

While one user suggested hydrating, another went in detail about when to do it. The user wrote, “drink lots of water & eat before you start drinking (alcohol). drink water periodically throughout the night. pee. drink a glass of water before you go to sleep. i’ve never gotten a hangover. it works.”

Some other responses Cardi B received are sure to get you laughing or even hitting your head. A user suggested “For hangovers I recommend Vodka… …. to get rid of hangovers I recommend skip the Vodka” Another commented, “co…caine” A third user wrote, “MORE ALCOHOL IN THE MORNING SO YOU NEVER HAVE THE HANG OVER”

Have a fantastic New Year party but stay safe!

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