BTS’ V Break Down In A Viral Clip, Here’s Why ARMY Is Concerned
BTS’ V Break Down In A Viral Clip, Deets Inside(Photo Credit–Instagram)

BTS is a global sensation today but we all know that this status did not come easily to the boy band. They have been through thick and thin together and that is the reason why they also enjoy one of the most loyal fandoms ever. Member V’s recent breakdown on In The Soop with his Wooga squad has now triggered a massive debate about the authenticity of the septet and the bond that they share off-screen.


For the unversed, the Bangtan Boys announced that they are planning to focus on their solo careers henceforth and this has left the ARMYs heartbroken to say the least. The boys will continue to release music but they will not be collaborating with each other, which means that we won’t have any songs from BTS as a band for a while. Some reports suggest that South Korea’s mandatory military rule is the reason for their apparent split up but there is no confirmation on the same.


In the latest teaser of In The Soop, Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-shik, Choi Woo-shik, and rapper Peakboy, and Kim Taehyung aka V can be seen speaking about a variety of topics including their bond with each other. In one part of the short clip, V reveals that he holds the boys in high regard and according to the translations, he says, “my walls are down when I’m with you guys”.

This comment has now left a part of the internet wondering if V is not that close to his BTS bandmates anymore. At the end of the clip, it is also revealed that V was silently weeping while everyone was lying around in the same area and this left his friends quite concerned.

This also made the internet question BTS’s friendship as some people now believe that it was barely authentic. Others blame the system where idols are put under so much scrutiny that they crumble under pressure. The one thing common amongst the ARMYs was, however, that they want V feel better as soon as possible. Most fans were seen sending him best wishes while others requested people to give him some privacy.

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