Jungkook Opens Up About His Mothers Dream Before His Birth
Jungkook Speaks About His Mothers Conception Dream(Photo Credit: Instagram)


Jungkook who is one of the members of the famous Korean boy band BTS turned 24 on Wednesday, September 1. For his extremely amazing talents, he has been nicknamed Golden Maknae by his fans and surely lives up to the name. But here is a fun fact nobody must have known, Jungkook’s mother had dreamt of gold before his birth.

The BTS singer, on his 20th birthday, had opened up about his mother’s Taemong which is known as conception dream in Korean. Taemong in Korean tradition comes to either the mother-to-be or people close to the baby. The symbols seen in dreams are speculated to foretell the child’s gender or future.


According to the news portal Soompi, Jungkook revealed his mother’s dream during an interview. He said what his mother saw was, “Rain started to fall in a village but the places that got touched by the raindrops turned into gold.” Apart from this during BTS’ 5th Muster event in Seoul, in 2019, Jungkook disclosed his mother had a second conception dream. He explained to fans that his mother dreamt that seven black piglets were feeding on their mother’s milk. As a joke, Jimin was wondering whether the mother pig was Bang Si-hyuk, CEO of former HYBE, the man who created BTS.

During the same focus group, Jungkook who was 20 said that he was waiting to turn 24. He said, “I am very curious about what I’ll be doing at that age.” And what did he know that 4 years later BTS would take the world by storm, earning a Grammy nomination, and getting number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart 10 weeks straight.

Even weeks before Jungkook’s birthday fans started to bombard him with birthday wishes on all his social media outlets. “Everyone my birthday doesn’t come yet. Lol, You have to understand my purpose well..!! Please write down the words like ‘lyrics’ with some sentences (lines) you want to talk to me usually regardless of my birthday,” he let out. After fans went according to instructions, Jungkook said, “I keep reading the replies I feel like I’m healing.”

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