BTS Members Help Jimin Get Over His Fear Of Using Instagram
BTS’ Jimin Reveals Being Scared Of Instagram(Pic Credit: Instagram/j.m)

BTS’ Jimin is scared of using Instagram, which is why he posts much less as compared to the other six members, Jin, J Hope, Suga, RM, V, and Jungkook. The boys were surprised by the ARMY when their individual accounts on social media were launched. Within a day, all of them garnered followers in millions.

Recently, the South Korean band made the news after their Permission to Dance On-Stage Seoul concert went live. It was a much-awaited show, as the concerts were stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fans finally got to see the boys break the stage in their spectacular, uber-cool performances.

While talking about BTS, according to Koreaboo, member Jimin shared that he is scared of Instagram in a recent group chat on VLive. The singer, who has 32.1 million followers on the social media site, gave the reason behind his feelings. “With Instagram, I can’t go on it. Because I’m scared, I might press something wrong,” he said.

However, the rest of the BTS members persuaded the singer to get over his fear. Member RM said what every ARMY must have thought, “Jimin, please post.” While a lot of people might not relate to him, celebrities are always under the spotlight for their actions, which can be taken both positively and negatively. Just recently, V accidentally followed Blackpink’s Jennie.

This sparked several rumours amongst the fans. But it was later clarified by Kim Taehyung to be a mistake. It’s understandable where the ‘Promise’ singer is coming from, but we and the rest of the ARMY won’t mind more posts from him.

While talking about BTS’ Jimin, some fans spotted a child artist from China that looked a lot like the singer. The ARMY had a field day on Twitter, reacting to it while claiming that they see no difference between the two!

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