Here's Why Michael Jackson's Son Gave A Positive Nod To BTS' Trendsetting Dance Moves, Paying Homage To The Popstar!
BTS Gets Praised By Michael Jackson’s Son: “It’s Really Cool To See The Way They Pay Homage My Father’s Legacy”(Photo Credit –Facebook)

BTS is clearly one of the leading bands not only in South Korea but also across the globe, writing a new history in the pop culture genre with every passing day. Each member of the group enjoys a massive fanbase separately and all together, and the fans call themselves ARMY (rightly so). Everyone is quite protective of their idols and often comes forth to debate about anything and everything.

Currently, the band is making and breaking records, leading every headline and for all the right reasons. If not for their albums and songs, BTS is quite famous for their dance moves that often seem to be taken with inspiration from the legendary pop artist Michael Jackson.

Now, in a recent interview, Michael Jackson’s son talked about the South Korean band taking the trend forward and praised the team with all the positive notes. Scroll ahead to read further.

When Liam McEwan, the interviewer, asked Prince Michael (Michael Jackson’s son) his opinion on BTS’s dance moves being inspired by the legend, here’s how he reacted. Liam told the popstar’s son that the K-pop band’s song ‘Dynamite’ has a very MJ influenced choreography while in ‘Butter’ their starting ‘smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover’ gives a ‘Smooth Criminal’ reference.

To this, Prince Michael, giving a positive nod, said, “…It’s very interesting to see them and when I see that level of influence, being influenced by my father, it’s really cool for them to show that kind of… The way they pay respect and homage to my father’s honor and legacy. It’s really gratifying and really heartwarming to see that they have that much love and respect for him.” Adding to it, Prince further explained, “And also, it’s super cool to see that my father was a trendsetter and that you can see that how they’re kinda continuing those trends but also adapting them to the modern era and then doing it their own way. It’s really cool just to continue that creative flow.”

Check out the clip here:

Before moving forward, when Liam McEwan called the band ‘dang talented,’ Prince Michael accepted it with all the praise. For the unversed, BTS is a group consisting of Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, RM, V, and Jungkook.

What is your opinion on Michael Jackson’s son’s compliments regarding BTS?

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