Britney Spears Can't 'Fully Move On' Until She Has Said Everything She Needs To Say
Britney Spears Isn’t Done Speaking Out, Says Can’t ‘Fully Move On’ Until She Is Done(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Britney Spears recently gave her testimony in court and since then support for the singer amid the conservatorship battle has increased. Spears took on social media to address things that have been bothering her for years.

Spears has also called out the people who have claimed to be close to her and shared supportive messages for Britney on social media for remaining silent for so many years. However, the singer has now shared a post on Instagram to speak out her truth.


Britney Spears said that she has just started to share her story. The caption to the post read, “So I said “life goes on” in one of my recent posts but it’s always easier said than done !!!!! In that moment that’s what felt was the easiest to say but I think we all know that I will never be able to let go and fully move on until I’ve said all I needed to say … and I’m not even close !!!!”

She also said, “I was told to stay quiet about things for so long and I finally feel like I’m just getting here,” while continuing to tell why she wants to tell her truth.

Britney Spears has been under the court-appointed conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears since 2008, and after 13 long years, she is ready to talk about it and fight against it. The singer also recently won the right to hire a lawyer of her own. Attorney Matthew Rosengart will now handle the case of Spears.

Spears has also addressed the legal drama over social before. She said on an Instagram post on Saturday, As I said … hope is all I have right now … you’re lucky I post anything at all … if you don’t like what you see, unfollow me !!! People try to kill hope because hope is one of the most vulnerable and fragile things there is !!!! I’m gonna go read a mother f—ing fairy tale now !!!!”

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