After slapgate, Britney asks God when will she 'smile again'
Britney Spears Shares A Cryptic Post & Asks God When Will She ‘Smile Again’ ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Pop singer Britney Spears has asked God when she “will smile again” in an Instagram post, days after being allegedly slapped by a security guard during an encounter with NBA player Victor Wembanyama.

Spears, 41, was struck on Wednesday when she ran up to the star player, 19, outside a restaurant in Las Vegas.

Amid the continuing fallout of the incident, Britney Spears posted a meme that read: “You will smile again,” and added a cryptic caption: “When’s that God ???”

Her post came after it emerged that Britney Spears “wants an apology”, with a source close to the singer telling that the guard’s actions were dangerous and “disgusting”.

As per Daily Mail, the Las Vegas Police Department’s investigation has found that Spears had actually been the one to hit herself in the face after the security guard protecting the French player pushed her hand off him.

Earlier, Spears said she did not blame Wembanyama, but felt she had been treated unfairly.

She posted on Instagram that she did not want to claim she was a victim, but added: “I don’t feel like I have been treated as an equal person in this country.”

The Daily Mail, quoting a source close to Spears, said she wants an apology.

“What if this was a little kid? What if it were a handicapped person that tapped him on the shoulder for an autograph? He would be arrested and sentenced to prison time,” the source said.

“The security guard had no idea what was behind him, he just swung. No one was running. No one was screaming. There was no commotion. There has been no action taken against the bodyguard,” the source added.

The source said that the security guard acted with excessive force.

“They are being a bully. All they need to do is say we are sorry, and this will all go away. Instead, they are trying to spin this by saying her hand hit her own face when it didn’t. He smacked her, the video shows this.”

The source said Britney Spears was shocked that there had not been an apology from the NBA star’s team.

“Don’t try and turn this around to make Britney at fault,” the source added.

New video shows the moment Spears was slapped – and it proved she didn’t grab the NBA star, Daily Mail said.

The footage shows the moments leading up to the incident outside Catch restaurant in the ARIA Hotel, Las Vegas on Wednesday, with Britney running up to Victor, and exclaiming “sir, sir, sir!” in a British accent before tapping him on the shoulder.

As she taps the star on the left side, the guard, who does not turn around, is seen backhanding her – either hitting in the face or causing her hand to fly into her face, with the star crying out and her glasses getting knocked off in the impact.

The singer is immediately swarmed by her loved ones in the wake of the slap.

After the slap, an upset Britney is heard calling out in a British accent: “That’s America for you. F*** you all!”

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