Throwback When Bridgerton Intimacy Coordinator Revealed About The Biggest Challenges She Faced While Shooting S*x Scenes
Bridgerton S*x Scene Coordinator Revealed It Was Not A Easy Task(Photo Credit –Still From Bridgerton)

One of the most popular and successful series on Netflix, Bridgerton remained in the headlines for its steamy s*x scenes. The highly intimate scenes in the series were built so differently that the makers needed an intimacy coordinator, but she also had to face plenty of challenges. Today, we bring to you a throwback story when Lizzy Talbot, the intimacy coordinator of the series, got candid about the challenges she faced while shooting hot and heavy sequences. Scroll below to read the scoop.

Bridgerton a historical romance on Netflix that had many famous s*x scenes. “I burn for you”, were the words that made millions of people burn for the series. However, shooting the heavy sequences wasn’t easy. Once, the intimacy coordinator for the show revealed the challenges she faced while shooting the s*x scenes.



In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Lizzy Talbot, the intimacy coordinator of the popular Netflix series, Bridgerton, opened up about the difficulties she faced while shooting the scenes and revealed, “You’re working with actors that are wet; you’ve got to be very careful about wigs; you’ve got to be very careful about the costume. We did a lot of work up against hard surfaces, so we’ve got to be able to protect the actors because that’s essentially a stone floor. Also, the scenes are happening in the middle of the night and even though it’s August, it’s still the U.K., so it’s absolutely freezing. How do we keep these actors warm during takes and in between takes? Part of that is having a fantastic costume team ready with robes and hot water bottles and standing by to swaddle them in between. And also making sure that modesty garments are held on even though the actors are wet because a lot of times they’re held on with tape or glue, and making sure that that is still in place even with doing some very energetic scenes.”

She also admitted that the s*x scenes in Netflix’s Bridgerton were slightly different for her as well because of the historical nature of the show. However, all that extended effort and hard work that went behind shooting the steamy scenes later paid off, as fans were not able to get over the web series.

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