Chris Van Dusen Reacts To Backlash Over Controversial S*x Scene!
Bridgerton Creator Chris Van Dusen On Controversial S*x Scene Questioning Consent!(Pic credit: IMDb)


Bridgerton makers have been enjoying a lot of success lately. Created by Chris Van Dusen, the show is primarily a royal version of Gossip Girl. The plot revolves around Phoebe Dynevor and her journey towards finding the perfect match. She is cast opposite Regé-Jean Page and their sizzling chemistry has been the talk of the town ever since the Netflix release.

The Netflix show has partially been receiving backlash too. All of it is happening due to a s*x scene featuring Phoebe and Regé. We see the leading lady making her Duke ej*culate inside of her against his will. That remains an integral part of the plot that takes the story ahead.


Ever since the release, Bridgerton viewers have taken offence. They claim that the scene does not emphasise on ‘consent.’ Phoebe Dynevor aka Daphne somehow forces Regé-Jean Page to release inside of her. Creator Chris Van Dusen is now finally breaking his silence over it.

In a conversation with Esquire, Chris Van Dusen explained, “We are a show that allows our female characters to be complicated and to be far from perfect. They often have to make complicated choices. In the writers’ room, we discussed that scene at length. We felt that the female characters on this show—Daphne, especially—should be allowed to do just that. She should be flawed. She should be able to make questionable choices. We felt a responsibility to the story of The Education of Daphne Bridgerton and that scene is very much a part of her story.”

He continued, “I think part of the scene’s design was to raise conversation. The conversation that this scene has brought up around consent is an important one to be having. It’s one that we encourage audiences to engage in. The show can only present our commentary, and we can only present our critique. That’s what the show does, and that’s what the scene is really about. As storytellers, we can’t really pass judgment on the decisions Daphne makes, but it was important to us to understand why she’s making those decisions. I think the “why” of it all is pretty clear.”

Do you agree with Chris Van Dusen’s explanation of the controversial s*x scene in Bridgerton? Share with us in the comments section below.

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