Brad Pitt S*x Scenes Ranked: From Wildly F*cking Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie To Doing The Dead In The Car In The Middle Of A Sandstorm, Antarctica’s Iceberg With Melt With This Heat!
Brad Pitt S*x Scenes Ranked: Setting The Screen On Fire With Angelina Jolie Or Getting Dirty In The Front Seat With Marion Cotillard, He’s Definitely The Daddy Of Hollywood (Photo Credit – IMDb)

S*x scenes in movies are one of the things certain sections of the audience look to when deciding whether or not to watch a film. But if it’s a Brad Pitt flick, fans go in millions as they are sure it will have something steamy and s*xy or at least the Hollywood stud locking lips with a gorgeous actress.

Brad – who will turn 60 this December, has been part of the film industry for over 3.5 decades (1987–present) and has shed his clothes on screen a good dozen times at least, and each of them resulted in the female (and gay population) having to drink a couple of glasses of water, have an ice cold shower or fan the heat away.

Today, I’ve decided to throw away your mid-week blues before they even set in by bringing you some of Brad Pitt’s s*xiest, hottest and yummy s*x scenes. From going about it rough to doing the dirty in the middle of a sandstorm, scroll below to see the 5 best s*x scenes we picked and ranked – No 1 is at the very end.

WARNING: Below are mentioned are the best s*x scenes of Brad Pitt. The article contains graphic videos of the scenes in question and is unsuitable for minors.


Wolfgang Petersen’s epic historical war saw Brad Pitt as Achilles, Greece’s greatest warrior and leader of the Myrmidons, and the scenes we see of him are worth calling him a Greek God. Though the scene begins with Rose Byrne’s Briseis attempting to slit Brad’s character’s throat while he sleeps, every thing is forgotten when a n*de Pitt flips her over and the two locks lips. The two have an intense makeup session before taking it further.

Meet Joe Black

Martin Brest’s 1998 fantasy romance Meet Joe Black sees Brad Pitt play the titular character, aka Death. This s*x scene makes it to the list as it oozes with and has the perfect blend of innocence, vulnerability and the physical beauty of the two lovers. A slow seduction, the buildup for this scene is a strip tease that only gets hotter by the second This awkward – yet so beautiful scene sees Black and Susan Parrish (Claire Forlani) engaging in some passionate lovemaking and having a sweet conversation later in each other’s embrace.


Robert Zemeckis’s romantic war thriller Allied had a dose of everything, and they weren’t stingy when it came to adding s*x. The film – starring Brad Pitt as a Canadian intelligence officer and Marion Cotillard as a French Resistance fighter who falls in love while pretending to be a married couple, has several scenes featuring the lead couple getting the heat turned to the max while in bed. This scene sees Cotillard’s character give Pitt’s character some pleasure while he’s on the phone. Unable to keep from moaning, he ends the call in haste and quickly gets to doing the deed. PS: His a*s is visible in this scene.


While that Allied scene made it the No. 3 spot, Brad’s 2nd most s*xiest scene is another clip from the same flick. This sees the lead couple having an intense make-out session as a sandstorm begins to surround them. As the storm intensifies, so do their hands on mouth on each other before fans are treated to a full-blown s*x scene in the front scene of the car with both the actors almost n*de.

Mr & Mrs Smith

Without a doubt, the s*xiest scene on ‘Brad Pitt Best S*x Scenes Ranked’ has to be this wild and super s*xy s*x scene between him and ex-wife Angelina Jolie from Mr & Mrs Smith. The scene sees both the assassins try to dominate each other as they intensely make out in every corner and every surface of their house. The roughness, the carnal desire and the chemistry – there is nothing that can top this scene. Prove me wrong.

Do you agree with this ranking of Brad Pitt’s best s*x scenes? Let us know which scene you think was the s*xiest and what your ranking of his s*x scenes would be like.

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