Brad Pitt Is A Happy Man After Angelina Jolie’s Lawyer Drops Out Of The Custody Battle! Scoop Inside
Brad Pitt Is A Happy Man After Angelina Jolie’s Lawyer Drops Out Of The Custody Battle! Scoop Inside

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are too busy with each other these days. No! not because of their romance but because of their ongoing custody battle. As we reported yesterday, one of Angie’s lawyers has withdrawn from representing her in the case. We are sure that the Maleficent actress must be shaken after this.

Now with the latest reports coming in, we hear that Angelina’s lawyer dropping out from the case is good news for Brad. Continue reading further to know how?

For the unversed, Angelina Jolie’s attorney Priya Sopori filed a “Notice of Withdrawal of Attorney of Record” with the Los Angeles Superior Court. She had been working alongside Angie’s primary attorney Samantha Bley DeJean, as Angie continues to battle Brad Pitt’s request for a 50-50 custody split with their five minor children, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne. Two top lawyers have differing opinions on what Priya’s departure from Angie’s team means.

Top divorce attorney Raoul Felder of Stutman Stutman Lichtenstein & Felder says Priya leaving the case is good news for Brad Pitt. “It tells me if I were Mr Pitt I’d be very happy based on these court documents because there are not many things worse than this that could happen. It’s basically saying that something bad is happening in the petitioners’ case,” Felder explains. “Either she is simply not following the lawyer’s advice, or there is some reason the lawyer just wants to get off the case.”

“So, I’d be very happy if I was Brad Pitt. He can say listen she couldn’t get along with her own lawyer, look at this. It is a very reputable firm, and lawyers think very carefully before they say enough is enough and they want to get out. This lawyer has said ‘enough is enough and I want to get out.’ There’s no part of this that reflects well on Angelina,” Felder continues.

“It just sends out a completely negative message; that’s why lawyers don’t do it unless it becomes impossible. I suspect there must be more to the story. But we really can’t tell anything from this document except that the lawyer is saying, ‘Hey judge I want to get out and I don’t want to defend this woman anymore,’” Felder explains, adding “Lawyers are not in the business of walking away from their clients, particularly a reputable firm like this, so there is a sub-story here somewhere, and it isn’t good for Angelina.”

Now, what do you think will happen in the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt custody battle?

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