Black Adam Star Dwayne Johnson Recalls Incident Of Being Beaten Up
Black Adam actor Dwayne Johnson shares an incident of how he was beaten up during his younger days. Read on to know what actually happened. ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Dwayne Johnson, who was considered the face of DC movies has been one of the toughest guys in the world and no one wants to mess with him. However, every tough muscle looking guy has their own experience of struggle and hustle. As his fans were disheartened with him not being the first slate of DCU’s upcoming line of movies, we never know when we will get to see him as Black Adam.

The former WWE star has been in street fight-like situations just like any other teenager during his early day. As the 6’4 full muscled WWE World Champion turned Hollywood star has taken down many guys on screen and in the fighting rings, read out his experience of how he was beaten up in his younger years.



Dwayne Johnson was on The Howard Stern Show and shared his experience of how he got his “a*s whooped”. In the old interview video, he is seen talking about his life before he became “The Rock”. He says, “it was plural (got beaten by several guys). It was one of those stupid things I said after 15 stands after school and I fought this one guy and he had all his buddies with him and they beat the living piss out of me”

It clearly looked like Dwayne Johnson did not fear taking on big guys while he was a teenager. Or maybe he could not smell what was actually cooking back then. (WWE reference that you should understand).

No wonder, even The Rock could not imagine the success, fame, and muscular power that he had back in the days when he got into street fights. As his next appearance as Black Adam is still under question, we never know what the next slate of DCU movies would look like.

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