Benedict Cumberbatch Enjoyed Playing Darker Role In The Power Of The Dog
Benedict Cumberbatch Opens Up About Playing A Darker Role In The Power of the Dog (Photo Credit: Still From The Power of the Dog)

Hollywood star Benedict Cumberbatch relished not having to play a “people-pleaser” as rancher Phil Burbank in ‘The Power of the Dog’.

Cumberbatch told The Guardian newspaper: “As somebody who’s a bit of a people-pleaser and apologetic at the best of times, who worries too much about what people think of me, I loved the freedom of being somebody who wasn’t in that space.

Benedict Cumberbatch said, “Of course, there’s this deep kernel of truth he never lets get exposed. And that ties into the breadth of fear and fury that we know he has.”

Benedict Cumberbatch added, “But he can also stand behind his back and survey all these scenes with a sort of calm acceptance and knowing. And not be taken in with the hoopla of worrying about what the ranch-hands think of him. He’s very self-assured. I admired that.”

Cumberbatch had to learn how to play the banjo for his role in the movie, which has been nominated for seven Golden Globes, and said he will continue using the instrument for personal pleasure, reports

The ‘Doctor Strange‘ star said: “I really enjoyed playing the banjo. I was awful at it compared to Phil, but it’s a very satisfying if peculiar instrument and you can have a lot of fun with it, with very little skill. I’m getting there.”

Asked what he is able to play, Benedict Cumberbatch added: “Little exercises and repetitive scales and standards which are on the verge of bluegrass but the minute I speed them up kind of fall apart. A bit of Radiohead. It’s very meditative. I’m not gonna sing on a stage any time soon; it’s just for my own enjoyment. But I really do love it.”

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