Chris Evans Admitted To Being Overwhelmed To Play Captain America
Chris Evans Spoke About The Pressure Marvel Studios Put On Him To Maintain His Captain America Physique ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Marvel Cinematic Universe gained a lot of popularity with its league of superheroes in its initial phase, led by none other than Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, portrayed by Chris Evans. But maintaining that godly physique, or should we say ‘super’ physique the super soldier had in the comic books. But to maintain that buffed-up body, Evans had to go through an intense workout regime, and that is quite obvious.

After his retirement from that role, the Avengers actor spoke about how much pressure there was on him from the Marvel Studios to get it as much comic accurate as possible. For the unversed in the comic books, Cap was 6 feet 4 inches tall and was about 109 kilos of buffed-up muscles. No wonder Evans was intimidated by it!

Marvel tried to make the character of Captain America as comic-accurate as possible, but obviously, there were quite a few issues. According to a report by FandomWire, in an interview after bidding goodbye to his on-screen persona, he opened up about how there was a huge pressure from the Studios to look the part. He also mentioned comparing himself to the comic book super soldier; he said that he felt overwhelmed by the muscular body of Captain America.

As per the report, Chris Evans stated, “It’s tough reading those comic books because, in the comic books, he’s like 6’4″ 240[lbs]. I’m nowhere near that. So, you know, you want to make sure that you do your best to get at least close.” Not only that, to keep up that shape he had to lift weights even in between shots, as he said, “They brought some weights on the set for me. So every time we had a break in filming, I would run off and just start lifting weights.”

In this interview, he was also asked about how one can achieve such a physique, to which Chris Evans gave a hilarious answer, “get a trainer from Marvel and have them kick your a**”. There’s no denying that Chris Evans did an amazing job as the serum-injected super soldier, and fans are left wanting more.

Chris was last seen in the role of Captain America in Avengers: Endgame, eventually handling down the mantle to Falcon aka Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie. However, there have been several rumours that Evans might return to MCU again, but that’s all speculation now; hopefully, the Studios will clear that up soon.

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