Avengers 5 Theory Claims Tom Hiddleston's Loki To Replace Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man
Avengers 5 Theory Teases Loki’s Effort Would Be Same As Iron Man’s Effort & Become The New Leader(Photo Credit –Still From Movie)

The upcoming Avengers has confused fandom on who will be the next leader of the new team-up of superheroes. While many assume Doctor Strange could be the next leader, a new theory claims that the God of Mischief, Loki, might have a much larger role in the upcoming Avengers 5 movie. Read on ahead to find out more about it!

Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, has been one of the most favorite MCU characters that have had a journey of its own. With the evolving phases of the universe, the character’s arc has changed drastically, and there is no denying he could be an important asset for the new group of Avengers.



According to a report by The Direct, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki could be the Multiversal saga’s Tony Stark and the leader of the next batch of Avengers. His solo series released in 2021 schooled the MCU fans on the Multiverse, variants, timelines, and, not to forget, Kang (s) and his variants. Considering how Tony Stark started The Infinity Saga with the first Iron Man movie, it can be assumed that Loki already kickstarted the Multiverse Saga and has more knowledge about the dimensions of the multiverse than the rest of the MCU characters.

The report further adds that Marvel Studios might try to position the mischief-maker and give him a chance to redeem himself for his glorious purpose. Both of them have quite similar character arc at the moment, as Tony Stark wanted to build a “suit of armour around the world” to protect the planet from the outer planets. Similarly, Loki has an idea about Kang’s capabilities. As shown in the end credit of Loki and Ant-Man 3, Loki is trying to convince everyone around him about the capabilities of Kang and his other variants.

As for the upcoming season of Loki, nothing much has been revealed and similarly for the Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. However, the marketing material for Loki season 2 teases that God of Mischief will try to stop Kang from paralleling Tony’s efforts in Age of Ultron to prevent the world from Titan’s threat from space. However, Loki will be saving the multiverse and not just the entire earth, which does carry heavy pressure on him as he could be the next leader of the new Avengers!

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