Sam Worthington Recalls His Audition For James Bond Was 'Awful'
Avatar Fame Sam Worthington Reveals He Once Auditioned For Martin Campbell’s James Bond ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; IMDb )

In 2005, one of the biggest questions that dominated every headline was who will be the new James Bond. Many Hollywood actors were called in for the audition, including a young Henry Cavill, Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor, and others, but finally, Daniel Craig was roped in to do the James Bond character. Since then, over the span of over 15 years, he has featured in 5 James Bond movies. The last one was No Time To Die. But did you know Avatar fame Sam Worthington had also auditioned for the role? Yes, scroll below to get the scoop!

Now that Daniel Craig’s James Bond franchise comes to an end, producers are now again on a searching spree for their next 007. Who do you think it will be this time? As per reports, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Bullet Train) has been in the talks for the role!

Sam Worthington, who rose to fame after his performance in James Cameron’s Avatar in 2009, was once auditioned for the James Bond character. In a recent conversation on a Sydney radio show Fitzy and Wippa, he shared, “I did go for Bond. I went and did the audition with Martin Campbell, who ended up directing Casino Royale.” He went in donning a tuxedo to do a screen-test 1963’s From Russia With Love. And recalling the incident, he said, “You walk in, there’s the girl in the bed, you charm her. I could get the killer of Bond down. I just couldn’t get the charm. I couldn’t charm her. The suit didn’t fit, man.”

When asked whether Sam Worthing kept his natural Australian accent or did the audition with a British accent, the actor shared, “I tried to do a British accent. I did say to them I wanted to wear the white tuxedo like Roger Moore. I wanted to bring back kung fu chops, and they looked at me like I was crazy.” When further asked whether the producers asked for it or not, Sam shared, “I said, ‘If I do an Australian [accent], I’m gonna be the next George Lazenby.’ He only did one [movie, 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service], and I didn’t want to be like that. So I tried British. It was awful. I sounded like Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins. I remember Martin going, ‘Just do your normal voice, it’s all cool, man.'”

And that’s how he didn’t get the part but thank God Sam Worthington came through James Cameron’s Avatar and became who he is now! Let us know your thoughts about it!

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