Brad Pitt Had To Hire Investigators To Get Rid Of Angelina Jolie’s S*x Tape?
Angelina Jolie Once Created A S*x Tape During ‘Drug-Fueled’ Sessions?(Photo Credit –Still From Movie)

Angelina Jolie is beyond an actor, she’s a goddess! The actress has stunned us all these years with her acting chops. But she’s doing beyond the glamour world as she’s also associated with UNICEF. It isn’t hidden that Angie was obsessed with drugs at a time in the past but did you know, that she reportedly ended up being a part of a s*x tape? Brad Pitt had to allegedly hire investigators and was willing to offer $10 million to get hold of it. Scroll below for all the details.

It was Angelina herself, who has in the past confessed her fatal relationship with drugs. At a very young age, the actress consumed illegal substances like coke, heroin, LSD amongst others. She used to use these illicit narcotics as a means to get rid of emptiness and loss.

According to a 2012 report by the National Enquirer, Angelina Jolie may have made a s*x tape during one of her ‘drug-fueled’ sessions back in 1999. A source close to the development revealed, “The alleged tape was made around the same time that a friend snapped kinky photos of a strung-out look­ing Angelina. Angie was so whacked out on dope that she doesn’t recall exactly what she did. But she believes that it may have involved ‘cutting,’ as well as racy s*x.”

Brad Pitt feared if Angelina Jolie’s s*x tape was ever leaked, it would “scar” their 6 children emotionally as well as psychologically. So the superstar ended up hiring a group of investigators to find incriminating evidence of her then-ladylove’s past.

“He’ll do whatever it takes to buy these pho­tos and track down the alleged s*x tape. He’s willing to spend $10 million if he has to. When it comes to Angie and the kids, money is no object,” the source added.

Well, no s*x tape ft Angelina Jolie ever came out, so it remains unknown if it existed in the first place or if Brad Pitt was successful in his mission!

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